Metropolic Brands

some intro text about the various brands within MPI


UNO is our signature Tissue Paper and Toilet Paper brand and trusted for its quality, softness, and strength. You will always love it for its extra absorbency and your personal care. UNO’s complete range of products will make your life super comfortable and free of germs.

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BATP is biodegradable and dissolves up to 4 times faster than normal toilet paper and is tested for clogging. It is approved to be septic-safe and sewer-safe. Plus, it’s soft, absorbent and gentle on skin, as it helps protect your plumbing too.

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With superior softness and unmatched absorbing quality, Metro tissues are perfect for any requirements. What’s more, the vibrant packaging adds to the visual appeal and is ideal for restaurants and cafes.

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A superior combination of softness and strength, these facial tissues don’t tear easy during use. Plus, the premium packaging design ensures that it adds to the décor inside any office, car or home.

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City is a local high grade tissue paper, it has a simple design and virtue to serve the desired purpose and to maintain high standards of hygiene. City is very synonymous to Dubai’s spirit of being buoyant, vibrant and charismatic.

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